The Doogle Design Story

We started Doogle Design in 2010 to offer our skills to business owners and individuals who wanted a better online presence. To us, that meant not only creating new sites, but taking old, ineffective sites and redo-ing them. We get a ton of satisfaction out of helping our clients take their really-cool-in-1998-designed-site and breathing life back into it.

Let's face it, a lot has changed in the last ten years let alone the last ten months when it comes to what is possible with web design. We want to be the guys you turn to figure all of that out.

Our Philosophy

We think everyone should be able to afford to have their own web guys. We want our clients to talk to their friends and say, "Oh, I let my web guys from Doogle handle that."

Don't you want web guys? Someone who will take care of hosting, site design and updates? Guys working behind the curtain to ensure that your website is compliant with the latest trends in SEO? A team that you can ask questions to about anything web or tech related and get friendly, helpful answers in an easy to understand format?

Let Doogle Design be your web guys.

Team Doogle:

Jason Cavey - Co Founder/Chief Technical Officer

jason caveyCavey started learning web design in middle school during an after school program. Since then he has had interest in all things web related. Recreationally, Jason created a number of small, personal websites for friends and family as both a way to be helpful and way to keep challenging himself to learn more.

Cavey graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 2006 with a B.S in Computer Science. Since then, Cavey has created vibrant community based sports fan sites, successful eCommerce websites and blogs all with easy to use, friendly navigation, and client accessible administrative access.

Cavey brings expert programming skills and knowledge of best practices for site design and site implementation to Doogle Design. In other words--Cavey is the order and methodology to the often times turbulent world of design. Cavey prides himself on being on the cutting edge and contributes the student spirit to Doogle Design. Jason is always in search of new trends and solutions that ultimately translate in Doogle clients the best web sites that money can buy.

In his spare time, Jason is a family man and committed husband. Cavey enjoys playing softball, badminton (yes badminton) and is team captain of his bowling team. He wears footed PJs, is an avid gamer, and is on the Town Council of Hampstead.

Joe Schatz - Co-Founder/SEO, Social Media & Design Guru

jason caveySchatz has been in the web design and development industry since 2006. Joe began his interest in web design after creating his own personal blog. Through months and years of learning through trial and error, Schatz found out two things:

1. He loves web design

2. He has a little OCD side when it comes to getting it right

Like Cavey, Schatz got his start helping out friends and family with both business and personal sites. His real venture into web design began when he started creating websites for larger audiences.Two of his most noteworthy works were his own personal blog and a successful social networking site for dads.

Taught through experience, Schatz has intimate knowledge of both the design and technical aspects behind creating easy to navigate, beautiful functioning websites. From building his own sites, Schatz discovered what brings traffic to sites and quickly familiarized himself with social media and SEO. Joe builds websites that the public likes and wants to interact with. With a degree in English Writing, Joe enjoys helping his clients with both the creative and technical side of the language. This means Doogle clients are ensured that an effective message is clearly communicated in both design and diction.

In Joe's spare time he: is the commissioner of the Havre de Grace youth and adult basketball programs, runs two scholastic chess programs, caters to every whim of his three daughters and adoring wife. He thinks his hair is a super power which fuels him to dominate in ping-pong. He loves fantasy football but is terrible at it. He enjoys craft beers, good movies, bad movies and cooking a good meal.