What Is Mentally Sexy?

  • Monday, 08 March 2010
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  • simonThe Most Mentally Sexy Dad Competition challenges gender role stereotypes and celebrates Dads who take on a broader view of masculinity. In 2010 the competition drew strong, emotionally aware, family focused men (who could also have a laugh at themselves) from all over Australia and from many different demographics.

    The 2011 competition promises to be bigger and better. Entries are being accepted now and will be published at www.reservoirdad.com at a date soon to be announced.

    Dads are beginning to realise that they have to take some responsibility for maintaining the passion in their relationship.The days of killing a beast and lolling around the campfire are over. Life is more complicated, busier and cluttered.

    "As Barbara Pocock, director of the Center for Work and Life at the University of South Australia, said, Australian working women found resentment over housework killed libido.

    'If the resentment factor was high, that's when their sex life was not great. The best sex aid a man could use was a vacuum cleaner.' "

    This quote inspired the Reservoir Dad team to coin the term Mentally Sexy to attribute to Dads who are the opposite of the men Barbara Pocock was talking about. 

    A Mentally Sexy Dad is more family orientated, more aware of his partner’s needs and simply a better husband and father. His family oriented efforts match his partners and and are not limited by outmoded ideas or restricted by gender role stereotypes. His efforts can allow for more romantic time with his partner, a greater awareness of his partner's day to day joys and stressors and a closer relationship.

    Dads, this is your chance to have some fun, impress your partner (and your mates!) and win some great prizes. Are you Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad? Send your entry to Reservoir Dad and let's find out.

    " ...a celebration of today's real new age man: not stereotypically emasculated or wimpy, but caring, careful and committed. It's not a denial of what most men in Western societies do. It's an expansion of it: showing how their energy and perseverance can be broadened and enriched; how they can be bigger men, not in waistline, but in spirit. They're 'mentally sexy' because they've given their responsibilities and ideals thought, and demonstrated will, intelligence and foresight. It's an allure of the soul, not just the biceps." ~ Damon Young


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