To The Housewives Of Yore

  • Friday, 02 November 2012
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  • To The Housewives Of Yore

    To The Housewives Of Yore 

    by Reservoir Dad.


    You have long known that Housework is a beast that cannot be killed.


    You suffered its attacks daily – hourly. Wounded by repetition, fatigue and isolation, you never fled the battlefield, advancing on the beast day after long day, again and again.


    Your extraordinary resilience and efforts to hold the beast at bay were rarely acknowledged. You deserved respect and awe and yet roamed the battlefield unheralded.


    housewife2Stoic but alone.


    Heroic but wearied.


    The footfalls of the beast’s relentless charge have echoed through the houses and hearts of generations of women, the battle waged day and night.


    It is only now that the reverberations are being felt by men.



    Some of us have finally seen the beast.


    We are taking to it with the weapons once only wielded by women.


    Respect – long overdue – is finally here.


    housewife5We are aware of the warrior nature in your lifetime’s efforts.


    The beast cannot be killed but we will stand beside you.


    We will take up the fight.



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    • ViolaFury (@ViolaFury)

      ViolaFury (@ViolaFury)

      02 November 2012 at 13:53 |
      This is great; a paean to women and their work. A noble offering to a noble, respected, yet unsung endeavor. This, Reservoir Dad, is why you, yes, you shall go down in the annals of "Dad" history as one of THE dads.

      Splendid idea, Reservoir, or is it Dad? I enjoyed this post and I think this is marvelous. Thank you. I know the moms will greatly love this. I was never a mom, just a kid. Mary.
    • Rachel Power

      Rachel Power

      02 November 2012 at 14:31 |
      I think we've only got light-sabres in our house. Will they cut it?

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