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  • Friday, 14 May 2010
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  • Jim Stynes

    Being Mentally Sexy is a very personal thing and what's unique about this competition is that it's about a husband being sexier to his wife, not the mindless masses. So it's a tough gig coming up with this list. What can I possibly know about another couple's relationship? Squat is what. So what I was really looking for while searching Australia for the Top Five Most Mentally Sexy Australian Celebrity Dads was inspiration for the average Mentally Sexy Dad wannabe out there. Were these Dads doting over their wives, taking a hands-on approach with their children, pitching in with the household chores despite their celebrity status? I wanted clear examples – quotes, films, pictures, self admissions. Let me know if you agree with this list or not and offer up your own nominations. Here’s what I came up with -

    5 - Red Symons

    red-symonsI was very impressed with Red’s determination to keep his son Sam’s battle with cancer out of the public spotlight. When Sam turned eighteen and talked about the ordeal on his own terms on Australian Story there were some revealing insights about Red as a father. I recommend watching the full story or reading the transcript if you haven’t already but here’s a sample -

    Somebody said to me last night "You've done a really good job with Samuel", and I thought " It never occurred to me for a minute that it was a job", bringing up a child seems to me as simple as loving them, and you don't really have a choice about that... I suspect because you were loved yourself. And there hasn't been a day when I haven't loved Samuel. Not a day goes by when I don't kiss him or hug him."

    Another fact that put Red into the top five was his positive interview with me about The Most Mentally Sexy Contest on ABC 774 which, along with the Preston Leader article, helped put the concept on the map.

    4 - Hugh Jackman

    hugh_jackmanHugh’s pride in his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their two children, Oscar Maximillian and Ava Eliot is obvious and he’s seen by many as the ultimate Hollywood family man. He describes his relationship with his wife as a mad love affair, "I'm madly in love with her… more and more each day." And here’s a picture of Hugh carrying a nappy bag. You know what that is Dads? That's Mentally fricken Sexy.





    3 – Russell Crowe

    russell-crowe-familyThis may surprise many but Russell has made it into my top three on the back of his comments in the short film by the raising children network website. It surprised me a little but some of Russell’s advice for new Dads is spot on and well informed. Here are a few quotes from the film–

    On being there for your wife during her pregnancy –

    "I think the more practical help you are to your wife the better it is for both of you and particularly the child."

    On his baby falling to sleep on his chest - "The feeling of your baby relaxing into sleep and being totally comfortable with you and knowing you’re a safe haven… to me that is just such a magical and beautiful thing."

     On supporting his wife and children -

     "Two key words are being involved and being available… the more hands on you are, the more you know about the things you need to know to be an effective parent, the better man you are."

     Impressive stuff and with the gazillion photos of him pushing prams and carrying nappy bags mixing comfortably with his tough guy persona, he was a definite inclusion.


    2 – Eric Bana


    eric-banaThe day is drawing to a close and the marital bed is clawing at the carpeted floor waiting for you and you’re your wife to rock it and rub it like a big saucy cat but there’s the dishes and washing and the school forms to fill out and the bills to pay and the time is running out to get it all done before it's deemed too late and (god damn it) your wife gets too sleepy, so what do you do?

    You paste this quote by Eric Bana to your kitchen wall and get to work man –

    “I’m good around the house. I’m not stealing my wife’s thunder, but I do clean. Housework is a bigger aphrodisiac to women than a set of abs, I’ve found.”

    The act of cleaning itself will unclutter your wife’s mind, mask your physical inadequacies and reveal you in all your mental sexiness. Inspiring stuff!


    Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Celebrity Dad - Jim Stynes


    jim-stynesEveryone is aware of the battle with cancer Jim and his family are facing at present but in a recentHerald-Sun article by his wife, Sam, it was revealed that Jim has always been a full-on, hands-on Mentally Sexy Dad who is not only ‘fanatical’ about his children eating ‘nutritious food’ but also takes responsibility for making school lunches and getting the kids to school on time. While explaining that Jim’s illness has forced her to ‘grow up’ as a parent, Sam hints at the even greater role that Jim plays in the child-rearing and housework by revealing her daughter Matisse's heartbreaking question, ‘What would happen to me and Tiernan if Dad died? Who would take care of us?’

    Jim is battling his illness with a positive determination that is probably beyond most and this coupled with his hands-on dedication to his wife and children makes him an inspiration to Mentally Sexy wannabes everywhere. Go Jim!


    Do you think I’ve got it right? Any other Aussie Celebrity Dads who deserve a shot at the top five? Let me know by leaving a comment and I'll include suggestions soon. 

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