Freak Files: The Recurring Nightmare

  • Thursday, 27 October 2011
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  • Freak Files: The Recurring Nightmare

    join-the-dark-side-free-cookieI mentioned in 10 Things You Don't Want To Know About Me that there were recurring themes in the nightmares I had as a child –

    "...involving being eaten, observed, buried alive or locked into some soul destroying repetition (like building a house that always fell down). These themes followed me into my teen years where I turned to Buddhism to deal with my consuming fear of death and pointlessness. In my twenties I was a crystal therapist, a Reiki practitioner and dream analyst. I also semi-believed in past lives and spirit guides."

    That's all changed but I still remember most of those dreams and still give them some credit for shaping who I've become. This is one of the dreams I promised I'd blog. And my first entry in The Freak Files - which will chronicle the stranger, sometimes darker side of myself. If you had recurring nightmares as a child I'd love to hear about them (I'm that kind of guy).


    recurringnightmareI become aware that the moon – which should be outside in the sky – is actually here in the room with me, suspended at the foot of my bed, rolling slowly in the air. On each rotation I see small bumps appearing on its surface.

    The small bumps grow steadily bigger until they develop tiny slits, all running horizontally, from one side of each bump to the other. As it continues to spin it loses any moon-ish type features – apart from the fact that it's round – and instead begins to look like an immense shiny golf ball with the tiny hollows turned inside out.

    A period of time passes and then the slit of one bump – just as it was rotating away from my line of vision – opens up, and a dark red pupil peeks out of it. I have the sudden realization that this giant sphere is not the moon at all, but a planet of eyes, and as it continues on its slow rotation more and more of these eyes begin to open. They open very slowly, but it's clear once they are opened fully that they are interested in me and me only.

    As the ball continues to rotate the eyes that are moving towards the top of the ball strain as hard as they can to keep me in their sights before they disappear to the other side. The same happens when new eyes first appear at the bottom. They are so desperate to see me that I am almost terrified enough to consider running away but the thought that they might jump at me or at least follow me, is enough to keep me petrified to the spot.

    Millions and millions of eyes opening to peer at me, and as the rotation of the planet gains pace they began to look more and more desperate, the skin around the eyeballs tighten to give me the impression that they are concentrating harder or maybe even getting angry. I have the feeling that they want me to do something but I have no idea what. The planet spins faster and faster, until long lines of a sticky fluid – like snot or saliva – begins to trickle down its surface and leak from the bottom.

    CandleInTheDarkThere is nothing pleasant about this experience. I need space, I need privacy but it continues to pick up pace so that the saliva begins to flick off and land on my bed and land on my walls. It spins so fast that I get the impression that they are screaming, these million eyes. I try to scream back at them but no noise is coming out.

    At last, all at once, it stops. The eyes facing me open wide – as if they belong to someone who has just been shot in the heart – and the entire planet disappears. It disappears with a long sucking sound and I finally hear my voice again; searching for my parents through the dark.

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    • Skyelee


      28 October 2011 at 15:05 |
      You have just made me feel physically ill! What a horrid dream to have. I used to have a recurring nightmare about being chased through my local shopping centre (don't know what was chasing me) but I had to go past all these dead bodies and I was terrified!
    • Reservoir Dad

      Reservoir Dad

      28 October 2011 at 15:27 |
      Hey Skyelee,

      Thanks for the comment. I was pretty sure I'd scared everyone away with this post. hehe. Dream analysts would have a field day with my dream.

      Thanks for sharing yours. Being pursued is also a common nightmare theme. And the dead bodies - a great touch by your subconscious. Love it.

      I also had a nightmare about being pushed out of our car by my parents into the path of an approaching wolf. I'd wake up just as it pounced on me and dug its teeth in. But one of the most disturbing because of how horrified it made me feel was that I was building a giant ship out of blocks made of the fuzz of an untuned TV channel. It would take me forever to finish - years and years and years - and just when I got to the last block it would fall down and I'd have to start all over again. The dread at having to start again and finish the job stayed with me for a long time after I woke up. Apparently Mum and Dad had to use all kinds of tricks to gt me back to sleep.

      I had a great, comfortable, privileged childhood by the way.
    • Kirrily


      28 October 2011 at 15:34 |
      Ahh... I hope the missus tells the bedtime stories in your house.

      That aside, the thought occurred to me: this is probably how popular bloggers feel on a daily basis. (JK!)
    • Krys - Baby Massage

      Krys - Baby Massage

      28 October 2011 at 15:38 |

      My recurring nightmare was being pushed into a corner by a giant screaming Jack of Hearts playing card.
      Funnily enough that left me with a phobia of corners but not of cards.
    • Reservoir Dad

      Reservoir Dad

      28 October 2011 at 15:51 |
      Kirrily - haha. That's probably true. Although I'd imagine many love the eyes on them and would probably invite the planet in. I'm the bedtime reader around here. Just bought my fav book - Grimm's Fairy tales today.

      Krys - Round rooms are so in these days.
      • Kirrily


        28 October 2011 at 15:53 |
        Superb work. "Alright, KIDDIES, who wants a bedtime story!" Why am I picturing Homer asking Bart if he wants to see his new chainsaw and hockey mask....?
    • Shae


      29 October 2011 at 10:49 |
      I had a recurring dream until I recently that a plane crashes out of the sky right in front of me and there are burning bodies and bits of plane everywhere. I know how to help but I'm always told I'm too young to be able to help and I'm sent away to find other people.


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