Australia's Top Five Most Mentally Sexy Dads

  • Friday, 17 September 2010
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  • (Listed in no particular order. Click on names to see full entries)

    Mentally Sexy Tim



    Mentally Sexy Jason



    Mentally Sexy Jack



    Mentally Sexy Damian



    Mentally Sexy Andrew



    Congratulations to the Top Five! I will be sending out an email to the each of you over the next few days. Your entries will be sent back to the Mentally Sexy Judges for a fresh viewing. They will re-score each entry and the Dad with the highest score will be crowned Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad.

    To all the other entrants and their families - thank you and congratulations. I hope you'll continue to support the competition and stay involved over the remaining few weeks.

    Here are the important dates to keep in mind -

    • Thursday 30 September - Jason, Tim, Jack, Damian and Andrew will be interviewed on Radio National's Life Matters. Listeners will be able to vote for their favorite Dad on the Life Matters website. The People’s Choice Award (as dictated by the star voting system) will also be announced here at Reservoir Dad. So start ramping up those votes!
    • Thursday 7 October - The winner of the Listener's Choice Award, overall winner and Most Mentally Sexy Australian Dad will be announced first on Life Matters.

    To keep up to date with important announcements join the Mentally Sexy Fan Page.

    Comments (7)

    • Bec


      17 September 2010 at 04:29 |
      Hooray for my Tim!!!
      Thanks judges for recognising his Mentally Sexy awesome hubby/daddyness!
      He's a bit of a shy one so I'm not sure how he will feel about going on the radio but we will give him lots of encouragement and support.
    • Leese Gilmore

      Leese Gilmore

      17 September 2010 at 05:20 |
      Ah mentally sexy Pete didn't make the cut but the five finalists are great value. Congrats guys.
    • Judge Rachel

      Judge Rachel

      17 September 2010 at 07:23 |
      Leese, all these blokes were so amazing, it was an almost impossible task to choose between them. I hope Pete knows that he's already won by having a partner who loves and appreciates his efforts as much as you do. :)
    • Mentally Sexy Damian

      Mentally Sexy Damian

      21 September 2010 at 06:12 |
      I am stoked to be a finalist with four other awesome examples of dads!

      it's a great feeling to know there are other guys out there who are happily charging into parenthood regardless of stereotypical roles or society "norms".

      Good work fellas!
    • Mentally Sexy Andrew

      Mentally Sexy Andrew

      23 September 2010 at 12:26 |
      Whoa!! I'm just stoked to be named in the top 5.... ESPECIALLY now that I know that there are more than 5 dads in the competition, lol!

      It would be great if the rest of you top 5 dads lived in Brisbane. We could put that meat tray prize to some good use on a hot plate, one Sunday arvo lol.
    • Amy-Lee Hands

      Amy-Lee Hands

      24 September 2010 at 11:55 |
      I'm so chuffed, I couldn't be more proud of my Hubby, I do feel very blessed to have such a good man in our life and thanks to Clint Greagan and all the Mentally Sexy Judges we have had the opportunity to show Andrew how we feel about him and show him some appreciation back, I never thought it would go this far but I am so happy for Andrew that it has. Congratulations to all the 5 Top Dads and Good Luck may the Most Mentally Sexy win!
    • murray


      30 September 2010 at 04:23 |
      Jason Smith gets my vote for standing up so remarkably to the mindless, corrosive, patriarchical culture of the " ???!! real man's world he works in. His mates who put him down are to be pitied: they most likely had (regretably typical) deficient childhoods that gave them no insight into the joys of shared, conscious parenting, nor the gift that men can give to their children and themselves simply by being present, loving dads.

      It can be reliably predicted that Jason's children will be more secure, content and emotionally intelligent as the result of his involvement in their early life, and that he and his wife, and the community they live in, will reap the benefits of the decision this couple have made. This is, quite literally, what we need to save the world.

      It starts with the children. When we are content in ourselves, we are immune to the manipulations of the greedy who urge us to consume their worthless goods and services - the major detrimental impact on the planet that supports us.

      Congratulations Jason.

      Murray (father of 5)

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