Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad 2010

  • Wednesday, 06 October 2010
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  • 2010 Mentally Sexy Dad Winner


    Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad 2010

    (click on pic to see his original entry)


    Congratulations to Jason. He nudged out Tim by a meager three points! And the top five were only separated by a total of 15. It was incredibly close and a tough job for the judges.

    Here’s what Mentally Sexy Judge Rebecca Harris had to say about his entry –

    “Wow - what a hard choice, they are all so amazing for what they do for the everyday running of life and supporting their partner, obviously with joy in their hearts and terrific commitment....  But I can't go past a guy who takes time off work, books his wife a weekend away with the girls and looks after his daughter, writes poetry while he's away working, and makes "mum" rhyme with 'awesome'. Epic.”

    From Judge Maureen Matthews -

    'All the guys in this comp were fabulous, and the final five were super-lovely, each in different ways. It is wonderful that so many Dad's are 'man' enough to care for their loved-ones. Jason combined his hard work and selfless devotion with a clear desire for his beautiful wife that spiced his entry with the sexiness that made him a clear winner. Well done Jason.'

    And from Judge Rachel Power -

    "What stood out about Jason was hearing how much his family’s happiness means to him. Here’s a man who says that when he’s working 12 hour days, he feels guilty that his wife’s at home not “getting a break”. He actually recognises how intense it is being home with a child full time—how much emotional energy and strategising is required—and has actively decided to take that on, even though this is not really the norm where they live in the Pilberra...

    Jason is really breaking the mould. He’s really had to ignore criticism from other men in order to be the kind of man he’s determined to be. (I have to admit, I had not heard of the term ‘pink jobs’ versus ‘blue jobs’ before reading Jason’s entry!). And anyone who’s checked out Jason on the website can see that it doesn’t seem to have affected his masculinity."

    Jasfam2Jason offered us this –

    "I am extremely excited about winning the competition, though more over, I’m thrilled and proud to be among so many other fantastic blokes who aren’t afraid to go against the grain, challenging stereotypes and proudly putting their families first.

    Well done to all the guys for simply being who they are, and being a huge part in ensuring their families are strong and that they have loving and nurturing environments to benefit not only the kids but also their relationship with their partners.

    Jasfam1I know there’s been some controversy by some who think the comp promotes a ‘sex as reward’ mentality but obviously they’re just not getting it. I don’t feel obligated to do what I do, and don’t think of or anticipate any kind of sexual reward by slinging the vacuum cleaner around or doing other jobs. Simply my girls - my wife Mel and daughter Summer - are my world. I love them to bits and enjoy just hanging out with them most of all which I can do more of when the house work is done."

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    • Amy-Lee Hands

      Amy-Lee Hands

      07 October 2010 at 03:16 |
      Congratulations Jason & Family, well Done, Enjoy the recognition you deserve it! 8)
    • Kay Paton

      Kay Paton

      07 October 2010 at 03:28 |
      Congratulations Jason. And congratulation,s too, to Mel, for having such a great husband. Thanks, Reservoir Dad, for a fun, but thought-provoking competition.
    • Reservoir Mum

      Reservoir Mum

      08 October 2010 at 02:28 |
      Congratulations Jason, Mel and Summer on leading the way in this competition and for looking after each other's happiness!
      The fantastic effort by Jason and all of the entrants is surpassed (in my eyes) by only one person: Reservoir Dad! Congratulations RD on your vision, organisation and success in developing, implementing, and running this competition. From the humble beginnings of a single pair of printed jocks and your ever-dread-inspiring words: ?I have this idea? this whole shenanigans has come a long way.

      In February when you pitched your idea I questioned whether it was such a great plan and challenged you to consider the purpose behind it. I supported you from the outside but secretly assumed that like many ideas you?ve had before you would lose interest in this too when it wasn?t fun anymore. Luckily for everyone who has been involved along the way and the joy you have bought to so many people: I was wrong.

      I am probably the only one (aside from yourself) who truly knows how much effort you put into making this whole thing a success. The late nights writing posts and emails, the meeting and phone calls with sponsors, supporters, media and entrants, recruiting entrants in the early days, dealing with the knockers, dealing with the guilt of neglecting the children (!), building and maintaining the website and looking after us the whole way along.

      Congratulations again my RD, you are definitely the most Mentally Sexy Dad (as evidenced by the fact that we will be busy with the arrival of baby number 4 next year). Thanks for looking after me over the past few weeks as I lay horizontal on the couch each day after work, sleep in every morning while you get up with the baby, and refuse some of your home-cooked meals making you concoct something else depending on my level of nausea! I love you forever in the world of frogs.
    • jeff payton

      jeff payton

      08 October 2010 at 06:14 |
      What great fun, RD. Congratulations! I'll look forward to following along with you (albeit long distance) on your next adventure.
    • SurprisedMom


      10 October 2010 at 03:53 |
      Congratulations to Jason on being named the winner. And congratulations to you RD for coming up with a contest that was fun and at the same time provided a wonderful message for Dads and Moms everywhere!
    • Mentally sexy Jason

      Mentally sexy Jason

      12 October 2010 at 08:05 |
      Reservoir Dad (Clint) thankyou for all the hard work you have put in to getting this concept off the ground with your competition. The interest you have generated and stereotypes you are breaking down through creating awareness is awesome. Competition aside, your blog is absolutely fantastic, I have been a keen reader of it since you started and am always excited to read your new updates. Your blogs have helped me on more than one occasion as new father, again thankyou. Finally congratulations to you and R.M on the pending arrival of yet another Cats fan!
    • Dinky Di Dan

      Dinky Di Dan

      15 October 2010 at 15:26 |
      Congratulations Jason and well done Clint, its been a great idea, and always a really positive promotion of truly responsible and loving dads. And once the entries started rolling in I've been really impressed with how much love is out there! Keep up the excellent work!

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